First Impressions is a collection of local Residents, Realtors, Businesses and Organizations who care enough about our community to make a difference. We work to make a good First Impression with our newest residents and to help make their transition into our wonderful community as easy and as warm as possible.

Many of us remember how challenging it can be moving into a new area, and we would like to help our newest resident’s transition be a pleasant one. For this reason, we have established the following ways in which we help.

New Resident Meet & Greets


Our monthly New Resident Meet & Greets are a fun way to get to know your new community. It is a great opportunity for great food, fun and fellowship for the entire family.

Along with a move comes starting over in choosing the right businesses to use.  We bring some of these necessary business owners/managers for new residents to meet personally, making choosing the right one easier.  It never hurts to be able to say, “I know the owner.”

New Residents receive their Housewarming Gift of over $2,000 in absolutely FREE products and services from local businesses without obligation or gimmicks.  LEARN MORE

First Impressions Realtor Brochures

help Realtors introduce new residents to their community while still in the process of choosing their new home.  Among other helpful information are maps, directories and recommended local businesses that help our new residents ease into their new life.  This is a wonderful way to reach our newest Residents and make early and good First Impressions.

Look at this one.

First Impressions Community Guides

Issued to all new homeowner residents once they have chosen their new home. These guides provide helpful information needed for new residents to begin settling into their new life and introduce them to some wonderful local businesses and organizations that they will need.

Look at this one.


Realtor Relationships

First Impressions aides our local professional Realtors to be even better equipped to help our newest residents transition into their new community through a network of community-minded groups, businesses and organizations. Relationships are the life of any quality community, and our local professional Realtors are there to help make a good First Impression.


Housewarming Gifts

We believe in keeping alive the age-old tradition of greeting new neighbors with helpful housewarming gifts. As a community, we have gathered together an impressive assortment of over $2,000 in genuinely helpful gifts such as free house cleaning, lawn mowing, pet boarding, pool cleaning, as well as free pizzas, pies, wine, and kitchen, bath and body products and much more. These come without obligation or gimmicks. This is our gift to you. Nothing is too good for our new neighbors. They’re available for pickup at the New Resident Meet & Greets.

At the end of the day, it is our hope and intention that helping our new neighbors and treating them the way we would like to be treated will reward us with an ever increasingly wonderful community of kind and generous neighbors.

Here are some of us.