Saturday, May 13th, 2017 9am – 5pm

Ocoee Lakeshore Center, 150 N Lakeshore Dr, Ocoee, FL 34761

FREE EVENT including materials and Lunch

Empowering Women is a one-day event unpacking what has caused women to often have a low and critical view of themselves. Through amazing breakthroughs in neuroscience and medicine, a powerful lineup of Presenters, with a heart for changing lives, will take you on a pleasant, non-condemning and most uplifting journey to seeing the true and lasting beauty and strength that is inside you. Now you too can see why others love you and why they see you as special.

Ladies ages 13 and up are welcome. This makes a wonderful Mother & Daughter Day. Admission, materials and Lunch are all provided at no cost for those who register through this page. Space is limited and on a first registered basis.


Professor Don Wood – Experience & Use Neuroscience Breakthroughs
Mindy Hooper Ph.D. – Identifying & Experiencing Your Strengths
Leslie Hamilton Ph.D. LMFT – Our Relation with The Next Generation
Dr. Eldar Baigabatov M.D. – Breakthroughs in the Impacts of Hormones
Dr. Paul Sorchy D.C. – Balancing Our Emotions & Physical Health Link
Brady White – Casting off the Grip of Fear, Guilt & Shame
Alberto & Selena Hoyos – The Art of Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
Mark Pester – Advertising & Culture Contribute to Women’s Low Self View


Before attending this event, make sure that if you haven’t already done the “Strengths Finder” assessment, that you do so.  Identifying, understanding and applying your top five strengths is an important part of the Empowering Women Workshop.  You may purchase this book from your favorite book source which includes the assessment or download a digital copy and take the assessment at: ($15 for Adults) ($10 for Students)


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If you marked yes above, please make sure to register each attendee separately. All attendees must be registered.

I understand that I need to have completed the "Strengths Finder" assessment prior to attending this event in order to get the most from it. I can find this through the "Strengths" links above on this webpage.

The typical ticket cost for an event such as Empowering Women would be $500 and above. Because of the generous support of compassionate local business who have paid for your ticket, we ask that you take your RSVP seriously. Often with events that are free, there are a large number of No-Shows. With limited seating and materials and lunch being paid for, we don’t want them to have paid for empty seats. For this reason, you are invited to attend Empowering Women at no cost and we trust that if you find that you will not be able to attend Empowering Women for any reason, you would do the responsible thing and notify us by email so that another women would be able to receive the benefit of attending in your place. With your RSVP, we are excited about what you are about to experience. It is truly a unique and powerful day dedicated to helping you find the amazing you that others are waiting to know and love. We are excited to see you at Empowering Women.