We love our community and welcome you, as you become our new neighbor.  We want you to know that though you are the “new kid on the block,” we see you as our neighbor and are excited to welcome you.

Many of us are here from other parts of Florida, other states and countries.  Not all of us had a smooth or pleasant transition into our community, though we have come to know and love it.  From these positive and negative experiences, and because at times it takes effort, we are motivated to help you to have a pleasant transition.

Central Florida can at times be a difficult place to fit into depending on where you are coming from.  Yet, Central Florida can also be a fabulous place to live, work and play.  Countless families have found a new life in Central Florida, full of wonderful relationships in a prosperous community.

As a family, businessperson or retired person, relationships are important in getting settled into your new community.  It is our pleasure to help you do that more easily.  There are countless groups, businesses, and organizations that you will need or want, and we can help you, more easily, find your way.

We never charge you a penny for helping you get connected.  This is a collective effort from local residents, groups, businesses and organizations that are committed to building a wonderful community.  Welcome, Neighbor.

As a new resident, you are invited to a New Resident Meet & Greet.  This is a great way to meet other residents, groups, businesses and organizations that are here to help you get established in our wonderful community.  We have great Food, Drink, and Fun for all ages of our household.  Children are welcome as we have great fun in store for them.  Parents you can relax in knowing that free child care is provided by the YMCA’s amazing staff.

If you are a new resident and have not received your invitation to a New Resident Meet & Greet, please let us know and we will get an invitation to you.  If you have received your invitation, we most sincerely hope to see you there.  Plus, this is where you can pick up your Ultimate House Warming Gift package.  These items are free without obligation or gimmick.  This is our gift to you.


This is our gift to you.  Valued in hundreds of dollars, it includes many of the following absolutely FREE items from your local community businesses:

House Cleaning
Lawn Mowing
Pool Cleaning
Pet Boarding
Local Pizzas
Local Dinning
Cakes, Cookies & Pies
Wine, Olive Oils & Vinegars
Popcorn & other Treats
Various Gift Cards
and much more…

Make sure to register for the New Resident Meet & Greet via the online registration provided on your invitation.  This way, we know how much Food, Drink and Fun to order.

Because privacy is important to us too, your name and email will NEVER be shared.
This is simply to help us plan for the event and assure that only you receive your gifts.